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Thursday, August 1st, 2013 8:25 PM

I love it when we discover something new. About a year ago, we discovered Noosa Yoghurt, a version of Queensland Yoghurt, a local Australian favorite, that was brought over to the US by an Australian expat along with the founders of that company. It was made in Colorado using fresh milk from local farmers and sweetened with honey. What set it apart from the myriad yogurts in the refrigerated section was it’s uncanny velvety sweet texture. It was amazing. While not exactly health food, it was healthier than ice cream in many regards and was our go-to dessert or indulgence. I suspect the reason it was so delicious was because of the extra cream and skim milk protein they added. Did I mention it was delicious. We used to crave the stuff and ate the whole 8oz two serving tub. They had almost immediate success and soon grew out of their local Colorado market to the entire Northwest and finally to a nationwide market when they started being carried by Target Stores.

Recently, the company, for whatever reason, decided to change its winning formula and reformulate the recipe. Now, they added kosher gelatin, they apparently removed some sugar and some fat and added new cultures. Why? The company has not commented on why. It’s sad though because it was delicious and unique in a world of generic regular yogurt and thick Greek yogurt. Noosa now tastes generic. It is no longer vegetarian friendly and still costs a premium. Why? For some reason massive success always leads to changes that usually for the worst. This is no exception but it is a shame.