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The worst products ... part 1
Monday, February 21st, 2011 3:50 AM

This “HighTech Laser Pet Toy” by Miraclebeam is an example of the worst kind of product, one that claims more than it is. It’s essentially a cheap Chinese laser pointer, a key ring type that’s being marketed as much more. Here it is marketed as a pet toy. For years, it’s been known that cats and dogs love to chase the dot of a laser pointer. Now, it’s marketed as almost being an new experience. That doesn’t really bother me. If someone wants to part with 10 dollars to give their pet a good time even if the pill batteries run out in an hour, no problemo. The problem comes when the item in question “exceeds FDA standards” when the it’s actually regulated by a branch of the FDA called the Center for Devices and Radiological Health. Marketing it this way makes it seem it’s undergone rigorous FDA testing like most drugs which want to be sold in the US. Further, the packaging reads “A proud USA company” and right below it, rather blatantly, it reads “made in China.” I understand outsourcing labor to save costs but then don’t claim to be a proud USA company. Finally, the front of the package boldly claims “the world’s most powerful handheld red laser,” which is perhaps the most egregious claim. There are tons that are more powerful, some powerful enough to light a match or pop a balloon. Ugh.

Exceeds FDA Standards. Huh?

A proud USA company. Uh huh.